Well lets just get the obvious ones out of the way to call Kanye West an egomaniac would be an understatement almost any word relating to confidence for that matter would be cliché in this case whether its his multitude of absurd quotes or believing himself to be the voice of this generation Kanye West believes he can has and will do it all and in his mind that probably includes eventually walking on water (“If Jesus did it why not me” ) he will say to himself Kanye’s strong beliefs in himself his work and ambitions cause him to automatically assume him and his contributions to the world of music, fashion, etc… are superior to and more deserving of accolades than that of his peers  this is why he is left flabbergasted beaver teeth exposed and all at the thought of someone not enjoying his music or losing an award especially when he spends a million dollars when Kanye invest this amount of money in a video, song or multicolored backpack even the deaf and blind are expected to like it sampling artist and sucking at it more innovative /creative (daft punk) than yourself is no easy task neither is shopping at Louis Vuitton or drawing pseudo inspiration from various artist, movies, fashion designers, etc it takes a lot to subtly copy cat pass everything off as your own, and smile like a homo so if you see Kanye on the streets (he’s easy to spot just look for a book bag including 10 or more colors the size of a pillow or two front teeth the size of ladders both of which make him easily recognizable from afar) remember to bow in the presences of greatness that greatness being him or else he will stare at you until you spontaneously burst into flames when he realizes abilities like these are beyond human means (he will probably spend a million dollars or more in an attempt to allow himself to set people on fire using his eyes )tell him to stop sagging tight jeans and get a haircut



Being that this is the best blog in the world and I am rightful so the best blogger in the world I think the post here speak for themselves I’m obviously the bloggers voice of the generation their isnt a blogger or blog more prominent than me all the way across the board obviously if the bible was remade the whole thing would have to be about me I touch change and inspire so many lives and reach so many people with my post that it only makes sense I’m not even sure if what I am doing is blogging its more like art so yea I coming up with a new category for what I’m doing here and a word people can use to categorize it its called blog art


I herd you say in a recent new zealand interview that you were bothered by the negative comments in which you read all the way through those being the really short ones let me just say that i did not make this site to deliberately defame your character or offend you in anyway everything here is meant to be humorous I am a huge fan of you and your work across the board this is because before i was a fan i was able to identify with a lot of your personal philosophies being a genius myself with that said I am going to make fun of you………mercilessly I’m pretty sure all my unadulterated bashing will inspire your next three albums so thank me later you chipmunk in the face looking bastard


Let me just say that if you are reading and enjoying this blog then you have the best taste and most likely enjoy the finer things in life which in this case would be the obvious upper echelon of blogs their isn’t a website in the world that comes close not even the universe! this is hands down the place to be when you open a web browser if you happened across this amazing place by mistake then great it has been statistically proven that this blog will make the average person a lot smarter attractive healthy and more likely to win in the game of life if you do not like me (I’m not even sure that’s possible) or this blog then your opinion regarding blogs the internet and life in general loses all credibility SIDEBAR: I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO ADDRESS ALL THE PEOPLE WITH UNINTERESTING PERSONALITIES AND CRITICS WHO HATE ON MY WORK I PUT IN 110% WHEN I’M WRITING THESE POST! IT TAKES A LOT TO SIT IDLY IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER SCREEN WITH A MILKSHAKE ON AOL INSTANT MESSENGER WATCHING YOUTUBE VIDEOS WHILE AT THE SAME TIME COMING UP WITH THE BEST BLOG POST ON THE NET! TO ALL YOU CRITICS WHO LIKE TO MAKE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT ME AND MY POST AND POTRAY ME AS SOME KIND OF MONSTER IN THE MEDIA YOU SHOULD KNOW I CRY AND PUT ON A LITTLE BIT OF LIP GLOSS EVERY TIME I READ ONE OF YOUR WRITE UPS WHERE I’M MISQUOTED THIS TYPE OF THING REALLY PISSE ME OFF! I’M PRACTICALLY BREAKING ALL THE KEYS AND BUTTONS ON MY MACBOOK AIR I’M TYPING WITH MY FACE NONE OF THE BUTTONS WORK ANYMORE I CAN EVEN SEE THE CIRCUIT BOARD! AT THIS POINT I DONT EVEN CARE SAY WHAT YOU WANT BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY I’M STILL WRITING CRAP THAT NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION TO EXCEPT ME AND SOMETIMES MY MOTHER WHEN I COME OUT THE BASEMENT SO HA!